1128 W State St
Salem, OH 44460

Store Hours:
Monday thru Friday   6am – 6pm
Saturday   7am – 5pm
Sunday      Closed    

1128 W State St
Salem, OH 44460

Chocolates and Candies

in Salem, OH

Delicious Chocolates and Candies at Horst Sandwich Co.

Horst Sandwich Co. offers chocolates and candies in Salem, Ohio. We have something for everyone’s sweet tooth or salty craving, and we offer a variety of delicious assorted chocolates. We sell chocolate-covered coffee beans, chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts, dried fruits, and an assortment of chewy candies, as well as sugar-free chocolates. 

Are you looking for a salty snack? Horst Sandwich Co is the place to go. We carry a variety of assorted chips, crackers, pretzels, dip, party, mixes, flavored popcorns, trail mixes, Uncle Mike’s jerky and beef sticks.

While you’re here, grab your favorite drinks to go with your snacks and subs.  We offer assorted Joe teas, Boylan soda, Bakers flavored milk, Tractor organic soda and tea, and Javataza coffee. Contact Horst Sandwich Co. today at (330) 238-3663 to find out more about our candy and chocolates, or order online here.

Sugar Free Chocolates

Horst Sandwich Co. carries a wide variety of sugar free chocolates. Stop in today and stock up on your favorites: peanut dips; mint meltaways, pecan pralines; cashew pralines; coconut dip, peanut butter meltaways, vanilla caramels and more. 

Try Our Specialty Chocolates

Horst Sandwich Co. carries candy and chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth. Our specialty chocolates are the stars of the show, but we also provide name-brand candy, chips, and snacks. Visit us today to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We sell a unique stock of high-quality chocolate that will surely satisfy anyone. Our specialty chocolate has only the highest quality ingredients. We take great pride in serving only the very best. We know that this will be the most fantastic chocolate you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. You are going to love this chocolate, so grab yours today.

Horst Sandwich Co. offers chocolates and candies in Salem, OH.